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Monte Carlo Event Generators at NLO and Jet Physics

School of the Think Tank on Physics@LHC initiative.

5-9 December 2011 Sariska Palace, Rajasthan, India

Preparatory Material

The school is meant to introduce to young researchers in phenomenology and experimental LHC physics the MC tools necessary to perform accurate simulations and analyses. Particular emphasis will be given to NLO calculations, their interface to the shower programs, and applications to jet physics. While the basics will be reviewed during the lectures, the school assume basic knowledge of perturbative QCD concepts and methods.

We invite the students to study the excellent introductory lectures:
Elements of QCD for hadron colliders.
Gavin P. Salam (CERN)
e-Print: arXiv:1011.5131 [hep-ph]

These lecture notes cover all the basic concepts assumed in our lectures.

In order to develop an hand-on experience on QCD calculation, we propose the students to calculate the pp>H+X cross section at NLO in the HEFT. The full computation is described here. Mathematica Notebooks are provided below which contain all the details of the calculation and the implementation in a simple Notebook which can calculate cross section production at NLO at the LHC.

  • pp>H at LO (1-loop): details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) HiggsGG-LO-mtfinite.nb
  • pp>H at NLO: details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) higgsGG-NLO.nb
  • pp>H at NLO: cross section evaluation for the LHC (Mathematica Notebook+PDF libraries to be compiled) phenHiggs.tar.gz .

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