Details about the MSSM at NLO implementation in FeynRules


  • Benjamin Fuks, LPTHE / Sorbonne U. [ fuks @ ]


  • S. Frixione, B. Fuks, V. Hirschi, K. Mawatari, H.S. Shao, M.P.A. Sunder and M. Zaro, Automated simulations beyond the Standard Model: supersymmetry, arXiv:1907.04898.

Description of the model

In contrast to the leading order MSSM implementation in FeynRules, the NLO MSSM implementation does not allow for inter-generational sfermion mixing and CP-violation beyond the one included in the CKM matrix. The implementation relies on the superspace capabilities of FeynRules (see arXiv:1102.4191) and follows the SUSY Les Houches accord (version 1). As there is some freedom in the way the model renormalisation in the on-shell scheme can be implemented, the user is free to implement his/her own by making use of a FeynRules plugin called MoGRe. A few examples of usage can be found below and in arXiv:1907.04898.

Model files

  • The model file. The current (and first public) version is v1.5. A restriction file with 5 flavours can be downloaded here.
  • MoGRe_v1.1.m: The MoGRe plugin to FeynRules.
  • use-MoGRe.nb: An example of Mathematica® notebook loading the model and the parameters and using MoGRe for the renormalisation.
  • mssmatnlo.ufo.tar.gz: The UFO model used for the computations of arXiv:1907.04898. It contains extra simplifications with respect to the full MSSM (e.g. the Higgs sector is absent).
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