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Fully operational Gigatracker at NA62

An important milestone has been accomplished by NA62 collaboration with the completion of the three Gigatracker stations. As it can be seen in the picture, high intensity SPS beam can be fully tracked by NA62 with a time resolution of <200 ps. This installation is essential to fully exploit the capabilities of NA62 and opens the door to a 10% measurement of the very rare decay $K^+\to\pi^+\nu\bar{\nu}$<\latex> Read more...

Poster tie-break!

CP3 member Matthias Komm won today the first prize for the poster competition at the 9th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics, where he presented his recent work. Congratulations! Read more...
Fully operational... | Poster tie-break!
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Latest preprints

Confronting SUSY models with LHC data via electroweakino production
Chiara Arina, Mikael Chala, Victor Martin Lozano and Germano Nardini
Refereed paper. 11th October.

Constraints on the Higgs boson width from off-shell production and decay to Z-boson pairs
Khachatryan, Vardan and others
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal]
Refereed paper. 6th October.

Search for long-lived charged particles in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV
Khachatryan, Vardan and others
[Abstract] [PDF] Submitted to Phys. Rev. D
6th October.

The Physics Department at UCLouvain has been involved for a number of decades in high energy particle physics research, equally strongly on the experimental and instrumental fronts as on the theoretical one. In spite of being located in physically distinct places, all these activities are now brought together within a common organisational structure, the Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3). This structure reinforces the collaboration of these varied components and competences in the physics of the fundamental interactions and the elementary particles.

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