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(Accurate simulation) tools for colliders at TASI 2013

3 lectures MC's developments for the LHC by Fabio Maltoni and 3 tutorials on FeynRules/MadGraph by Celine Degrande and Olivier Mattelaer.


The PDF of the lectures be found here:

MC1: From Lagrangians to Fixed order calculations

MC2: Parton showers

MC3: Merging and matching

Tests and exercises

We provide here complimentary material to the lectures that can used by students to verify their understanding of the basic concepts.

Monte Carlo integration

A short introduction to the techniques of Monte Carlo integration. Exercises proposed during lecture are collected in this Mathematica Notebook: mc101.nb.

LHC Phenomenology

A collection of test, exercises, and web applications on pQCD can be found in QCD_TASI2013.pdf.

Going NLO

  1. pp>H at LO (1-loop): details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) HiggsGG-LO-mtfinite.nb
  2. pp>H at NLO: details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) higgsGG-NLO.nb
  3. pp>H at NLO: cross section evaluation for the LHC (Mathematica Notebook+PDF libraries to be compiled) phenHiggs.tar.gz.

A summary of the results can be found in Higgs.pdf.


FeynRules tutorial


Hand out


Tutorial Solutions

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