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The latest version of FeynRules: download here.

The FeynRules (not up-to-date) manual: download here.

The slides associated to the lectures: download here.

Model files

During the lectures, a supersymmetric (SUSY) QCD theory is implemented.

  • The gauge group is SU(3)_c (as in QCD)
  • The field content is given by
    • Three generations of up-type quarks
    • Three generations of up-type left-handed squarks
    • Three generations of up-type right-handed squarks
    • A gluon
    • A gluino
  • The free parameters of the theory consists in
    • The masses of the particles
    • The strong coupling constant (both gs and alpha_s)
  • For the Lagrangian, see the slides.

The implementation has been performed in three different ways which will illustrate the different features of FeynRules.

  • The good old way, using regular fields including a four-component representation for the fermions:
  • A better approach, using regular fields including a two-component representation for the fermions:
  • The best method for supersymmetric theoric, using superfields:

In the case you want to start from your own Weyl fermion implementation to get the superfield implementation, you will have to replace right-handed Weyl quarks and right-handed squarks by their charge-conjugate counterparts. Since this will not be performed explicitly during the lectures, you can either do it yourself or download the add-on to merge to your model file here.

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