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The latest version of FeynRules: download here.

The FeynRules (not up-to-date) manual: download here.

Model files

During the lectures, you will implement from scratch a model for a supersymmetric (SUSY) QCD theory. The implementation will be performed in three different ways which will illustrate the different features of FeynRules.

  • The good old way, using four-component fermions and scalar fields (not the best way for SUSY theories).
  • A better approach, using two component fermions instead of four-component ones
  • The best method for SUSY: using superfields.

Before adding the superfields to the model files, you will have to add the charge-conjugate scalar and fermion for the right-handed (s)quark. Since this will not be done during the lectures, please download the add-on to merge to your model file:

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