Extra-dimensional Models

Model Short Description Contact Status
Flavor-violating KK gluonA Kaluza-Klein Gluon Model with FCNC Decay to a Single Top Quark E. Drueke, R. Schwienhorst, N. Vignaroli, J. Nutter, D. Walker, J.-H. Yu, R. S. Chivukula, E. Simmons Available
Heavy Scalar Effective ModelA model with one heavy scalar with effective couplings to the vector bosons.Y. Wu, Y. Xu, X. Chen Available
Mimimal Higgsless Model (3-Site Model)A higgsless model, including new heavy fermions and a Z' and a W' boson. N. Christensen Available
Minimal UEDThe SM in 5 dimensions, including one KK excitation for each SM particle.P. de Aquino Available
Large Extra DimensionsThe SM including the couplings to a graviton.P. de Aquino Available
Compact HEIDIA five-dimensional model where only the Higgs is allowed to propagate into the bulk.C. Speckner Available
Randall-Sundrum modelThe SM including the couplings to a graviton in a warped higher dimensional space-time.P. de Aquino Available
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