Compact HEIDI

Implementation Author

  • Christian Speckner
  • Freiburg University
  • Christian.Speckner _AT_

This implementation is a descendant of SM + Scalars.


  • "Exploring the golden channel for HEIDI models using an interface between WHIZARD and FeynRules", N. D. Christensen, C. Duhr, B. Fuks, J. Reuter, C. Speckner, arXiv:1010.3251
  • "The Minimal non-minimal standard model.", J. van der Bij, Phys.Lett.B636:56-59,2006.

Model files


The model can be used either via the standalone bundle or via the 'pure' model file Please note that the latter does not include Heidi.m and Hdecay.m which therefore have to be downloaded (see above) and put into the mathematica search path separately. The model is intended to be used on top of, e.g. via LoadModel["SM/", ""]. Prior to loading, several flags have to be set which determine the scalar spectrum, please take a look at arXiv:1010.3251 for further details.


At the moment, the model only supports unitarity gauge. In addition, the effective gluon fusion couplings are not compatible with the MadGraph interface at the moment. Both restrictions will be removed in a future revision.

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