Heavy Scalar Effective Model


  • Yongcheng Wu (contact for inquiries)
    • ycwu -at-, Carleton University
  • Yue Xu
    • yue.xu -at-, Tsinghua University
  • Xin Chen
    • xin.chen -at-, Tsinghua University

Model Description

In addition to the SM particle contents, we add one heavy scalar which might come from the second doublet etc. We focus on the effective couplings to the vector bosons, which are related to EWSB, and add following operators with both dim-6 and dim-4:

    \mathcal{L}_6 =& g_{6,H}^{WW} (\partial_\nu H)W^{\dagger}_{\mu} W^{\mu\nu} + h.c. + g_{6,H}^{\prime WW} H W^{\mu\nu}W^\dagger_{\mu\nu} \nonumber \\
    & + g_{6,H}^{ZZ} (\partial_\nu H) Z_\mu Z^{\mu\nu} + h.c. + g_{6,H}^{\prime ZZ} H Z^{\mu\nu}Z_{\mu\nu} +\nonumber \\
    & + g_{6,H}^{Z\gamma} (\partial_\nu H) Z_\mu F^{\mu\nu} + g_{6,H}^{\prime Z\gamma} F^{\mu\nu}Z_{\mu\nu} \nonumber \\
    & + g_{6,H}^{\gamma\gamma} H F^{\mu\nu}F_{\mu\nu}


    \mathcal{L}_4 = g_{4,H}^{WW}g^{\mu\nu} H W^+_\mu W^-_\nu + g_{4,H}^{ZZ}g^{\mu\nu} H Z_\mu Z_\nu

For more details, please check the document here and the references listed below.

Model Files

FeynRules Model Files

HeavyScalar_EFT_FR.tar.gz: The FeynRules model files used to generate UFO files, including the files from SM.

UFO Model Files

HeavyScalar_EFT_UFO.tar.gz: The UFO model files generated using FeynRules (with Massless and Cabibbo restrictions)


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