• BRIDGE: the MG/ME interface of the Branching ratio calculator and decayed events generator developed by Patrick Meade and Matt Reece.
  • FeynRules: the Mathematica package to automatically write particles and interaction list as well as coupling analytical expressions.
  • MadWeight : Matrix elements techniques developed using the MadGraph system
  • Reweight module: producing weighted events from an unweighted sample
  • Systematics computation: Produce the systematic uncertainty band by reweighting method.
  • MadSpin: Decay of particles with full spin correlations and off-shell effect.
  • Convolution of PDF: Convolute PDF function with a function to create effective PDF



  • SplitEvents: A script to split event files
  • EventConverters: A set of tools to converts event files in various formats
  • Replace?: A script for replacing particles or groups of particles in LHE event files
  • AddMasses: A script for adding masses to leptons and inserting W or Z mothers in the LHE event file

Plotting and Analysis

  • MadAnalysis : the simple analysis tool of generated events using the TDPlot software.
  • MatchChecker: A set of scripts to produce plenty of plots for matching validation and do comparisons between different matched (and standalone) productions
  • ExRootAnalysis : the full ROOT interface including plotting interface and analysis classes.

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