Given a sample of experimental events and a set of theoretical models, the matrix element method is a procedure to select the most plausible model that governs the production of these events. For each event, we determine a specific weight that is the convolution of the squared matrix element and the resolution function. Although the definition of this weight is very simple, its numerical estimation is not straightforward. The shape of the transfer function together with the behavior of the squared matrix element require to use a specific parametrization for the phase-space integration. MadWeight is a phase-space generator that is designed for the computation of the weights.


MadWeight5 is the continuation of the MadWeight project inside the MG5_aMC@NLO framework. This programs is currently in golden release and can be downloded on this page.

How to start

  • StartingMadWeight: what is required in order to launch MadWeight5
  • TUTORIAL: A simple tutorial to learn how to use MadWeight5

What's new

  • Possibility to handle more than one transfer function simultaneously (via re-weighting method)
  • Possibility to pre-filtering the permutation.
  • New way to combine the various subprocessus.
  • Inclusion of correction for the ISR effects.
  • UpdateNotes: See all Modification

More Info


  1. PierreArtoisenet
  2. OlivierMattelaer

MAdWeight 2 (based on MG4)


  1. PierreArtoisenet
  2. VincentLemaitre
  3. FabioMaltoni
  4. OlivierMattelaer


Thanks to Céline Degrande who designed and created the MadWeight Logo

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