Top effective theory


Céline Degrande

  • University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
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Description of the model & reference

The top effective theory model contains all the dimension-six operators affecting top pair production, single top pair production and top decay by interfering with the SM amplitudes.

Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 034006: S. Willenbrock, C. Zhang, Effective-Field-Theory Approach to Top-Quark Production and Decay.

Model files

Here is the model file of the TopEffTh model

The TopEffTh model is implemented in the unitary gauge.


The cross-sections (TEttbar.nb and singletop.nb) and the decay rate (topdecay.nb) analytic expressions have been computed with FeynArts? and FormCalc? and compared with the results of Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 034006

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