The Higgs effective theory


  • Claude Duhr
    • IPPP Durham
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Description of the model

This model describes the effective coupling of the Higgs boson to gluons and photons. The effective theory is obtained by integrating out the top-quark loop through which the higgs couples to gluons and photons. The corresponding effective theory for a pseudo-scalar is also included.

The values of the effective couplings correspond to those given in the heft model of the MadGraph/MadEvent distribution.


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  • " Production of a higgs pseudoscalar plus two jets in hadronic collisions ", R.P. Kauffman and S.V. Desai, Phys. Rev., vol. D59, p.057504, 1999
  • " Amplitudes for higgs bosons plus four partons ", R.P. Kauffman and S.V. Desai and D. Risal, 1999

Model files

  • This is the main file.
  • This model needs the model file of the SM implementation of FeynRules.
  • HiggsEffective.nb : This is an example Mathematica notebook that loads the model and calculates Feynman rules.
  • The Feynman rules and the particle content are summarized in the following pdf file.


The model is loaded by merging the model files and

The implementation allows for the use of the Feynman gauge in the SM. Feynman gauge is not supported for this model.

Matrix element generator files

Below we give tarballs containing the model files generated by FeynRules for the various matrix element generaotrs for which a FeynRules interface exists. All fermion masses are put to zero, except for the top, the bottom and the Tau lepton masses.

Higgs_Effective_Couplings-CH.tgzThe model files for CalcHep.
Higgs_Effective_Couplings_FA.tgzThe model files for FeynArts.
Higgs_Effective_Couplings_MG.tgzThe model files for MadGraph 4.
Higgs_Effective_Couplings_UFO.tgzThe model files in UFO format (e.g. for MadGraph 5).
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