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FeynRules is a Mathematica® package that allows the calculation of Feynman rules in momentum space for any new physics model. The input the user needs to provide FeynRules about the new model is the minimal information required to describe the model, contained in the so-called model-file. The model-file contains the lagrangian describing the model, and the information about all the fields and parameters that apear inside the lagrangian. For a more detailed describtion of the model-file and how to run the package, have a look at the UserManual?.

There are no restrictions on the form of the lagrangian, so in particular it may contain higher-dimensional operators. However, there is a restriction coming from the kinds of fields supported by FeynRules. The supported field types are

  • Scalars (real and complex)
  • Spin 1/2 fermion (Dirac and Majorana)
  • Vectors (real and complex)
  • Spin 2 fields (real)
  • Ghost fields (complex)

FeynRules also alows for an easy interfacing to other tools, and generates automatically the files needed for the implementation of your new model into these tools. The currently supported interfaces are:

The package contains apart from the Mathematica code to calculate the Feyman rules

  • the most recent version of the ToolBox.
  • the most recent versions of all supported interfaces.
  • a complete Stanard Model model-file. More model-files for different can be downloaded from [:ModelFiles:here].

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