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Student Project BND - Spa September 2019


To successfully run this tutorial the following prerequisite packages should be installed:

  • gfortran/gcc/tcl:

For linux users gcc/tcl should be already installed. For Mac users you should install XCode.

  • ROOT:

can be downloaded from Go on latest release, and download a version under "Binary distributions".

  • MadGraph5

a version of MG5 can be downloaded here:

  • Delphes

start from here:

  • Pythia8:

following instructions from here (or using the Pythia8 installation in MadGraph):

0) Download data sample

From the Delphes main directory, download the pseudo-data file data.root :

wget -O data.root

1) Access information in the ROOT file

Open the ROOT file (ignore the various warnings) and visualize its content via the TBrowser.

root -l data.root
TBrowser t;

Open the Delphes Tree and then Event branch (by double-clicking). How many events are in this dataset? Likewise explore the Tree content by looking at other branches.

Non trivial information can also be plotted from the command line. Every Delphes object has a 4-vector (called P4()) member of type TLorenzVector (see here for documentation:

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