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Workbook Contents

Here is a list of the contents of the Delphes Workbook.

  1. Quick Tour showing all the steps required to run Delphes and analyze its output.
  2. Tutorials
  3. ROOT Tree Description - description of all classes used to store output data.
  4. Event Display - how to visualize events.
  5. Module System - introduction to modules.
  6. Particle Candidate Class - introduction to the Candidate class.
  7. List of Modules that are currently implemented in Delphes.
  8. List of Arrays of candidates that are available in the example configuration files.
  9. Data Flow Diagram for the default configuration.
  10. Configuration File - how modules are configured and put together.
  11. Library Interface - how Delphes library can be called from a program.
  12. Running Delphes with External FastJet - how Delphes can be run with an external FastJet installation.
  13. Reading CMS ROOT Files - how Delphes can be run on the generator events stored in CMS ROOT files.
  14. Running Delphes with Pile-Up - how Delphes can be run with pile-up events.
  15. Running Delphes with Pythia8 - how Delphes can be run with Pythia8
  16. Using DelphesAnalysis to write analysis code in Python.
  17. Validation Code - produce validation plots for a given detector card.
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