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Reading CMS Files

Generator Events in CMS ROOT Files

It is possible to run Delphes on the generator events stored in CMS ROOT files (FEVT, RECO, AOD).

More details on the generator event format can be found at

Setting up CMSSW Computing Environment

The instructions on how to setup CMSSW work area and runtime environment can be found at

Building Delphes and DelphesCMSFWLite

Commands to download and build Delphes:


tar -zxf Delphes-3.4.2.tar.gz

cd Delphes-3.4.2
make -j 4

Running DelphesCMSFWLite

When running DelphesCMSFWLite without parameters or when supplying an invalid command line, the following message will be shown:

 Usage: DelphesCMSFWLite config_file output_file input_file(s)
 config_file - configuration file in Tcl format,
 output_file - output file in ROOT format,
 input_file(s) - input file(s) in ROOT format.

Running Delphes with CMS ROOT input files:

./DelphesCMSFWLite cards/delphes_card_CMS.tcl delphes_output.root input.root
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