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A framework for fast simulation of a generic collider experiment

Delphes is a C++ framework, performing a fast multipurpose detector response simulation. The simulation includes a tracking system, embedded into a magnetic field, calorimeters and a muon system. The framework is interfaced to standard file formats (e.g. Les Houches Event File or HepMC) and outputs observables such as isolated leptons, missing transverse energy and collection of jets which can be used for dedicated analyses. The simulation of the detector response takes into account the effect of magnetic field, the granularity of the calorimeters and sub-detector resolutions. Visualisation of the final state particles is also built-in using the corresponding ROOT library.

Community and support

The Delphes development model is community-based. Users willing to participate are encouraged to fork Delphes Git repository and to submit pull requests for improvements and bug fixes. The Delphes core development team from the CP3 center of the Université catholique de Louvain is in charge of the maintenance, releases, and general support to users via the ticket system.


Documentation is collected in the WorkBook. Good starting point is the Quick Tour.


If you use Delphes as part of a publication, you should include a citation to:

JHEP 02 (2014) 057 [ arXiv:1307.6346 [hep-ex] ]

Optionally, you can also include a citation to:

J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 523 (2014) 012033 [ inspire link ]

J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 608 (2015) 1, 012045 [ inspire link ]

Also, please note that Delphes relies on a few external packages. If they are used they should be cited as well. For instance, the jet clustering procedure in Delphes is performed via the FastJet package. If your analysis involves jets, you should explicitly include both a reference for the FastJet package and for the relevant clustering algorithm you are using.

For more information on how to properly cite FastJet, please visit this page.

Git access

The code is now fully on GitHub. You can get the latest version of the code using the command:

git clone

Latest tickets

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#1149 Delphes Reconstructing too few photons kmcg new minor 20 hours
#1165 Empty muon branch in the root file oozcelik new minor 2 days
#1169 How to fill histo with specific particle? sonus new minor 3 days
#1147 MET distribution in version 3.4.x AnkeB new minor 3 days
#1150 How to Extract Displaced Vertex Haolin new minor 3 days
#1155 How to create input files by Gauss? C.C new minor 3 days
#1152 JetDeltaPt from examples/Example3.C dongsub.lee new major 3 days
#1156 Track based electron isolation declan new minor 3 days
#1164 Is MinBias.pileup appliable to any process? drakemarquis new major 3 days
#1166 Tau tagged jet mistag rate amit new minor 3 days
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