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16:00 Changeset in svn [1396] by mselvaggi
corrected HCAL resolution in EndCaps?


17:13 Ticket #310 (Delphes 2.0.5 cannot process output of Pythia in the standard MG5 chain ...) created by roberto.franceschini
Hello I am simulating a very simple test process u u > u u in MG5 and …


17:15 Ticket #309 (How to see a status of a ticket?) created by omatt
Hi Guys, Looks like the link to already open ticket is not present …
16:21 Ticket #308 (Muon isolation in lhco files) created by miha
Dears, we are running into some difficulty with isolation criteria …


20:47 Ticket #307 (pile-up jets in ATLAS delphes card) created by vani
Hi, I have a question regarding the pile-up jets in Delphes 3.1.2. …
11:27 Ticket #306 (Error compiling Delphes 3.1.2 on lxplus) created by loccie
Dear Delphes Team, Following the instructions I successfully …


01:22 Ticket #305 (min bias file missing) created by omatt
Hi guys, I receive this bug report today: …


13:10 Ticket #304 (Number Of Events Rapidlly decreased) created by Ahmed Hammad
Dear Delphes Authors I simulate The Higgs decay to 4l at NLO. I used …


21:04 Ticket #303 (Linear Collider) created by arindamdas
Dear Delphes Team , How to perform the detector simulation for the …
13:59 Changeset in svn [1395] by pavel
synchronize with GitHub?


15:54 Changeset in git [529fe78]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Pavel Demin <pavel.demin@…>
replace weights()[0] with weight() in DelphesCMSFWLite.cpp


18:24 Changeset in git [f29758e]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Pavel Demin <pavel.demin@…>
add Event branch to DelphesCMSFWLite.cpp
16:11 Changeset in git [a6db2d6]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Pavel Demin <pavel.demin@…>
fix Pythia8 includes


16:29 Ticket #302 (histogram binning in a Delphes analysis) created by adi
To whom this may concern, I'm currently writing a Delphes analysis …
13:52 Ticket #301 (No Event branch in CMSFWLite reader) created by alobanov
Hi, we are using the CMSFWLite reader for our studies and noticed, …
12:58 Ticket #300 (Problems running on a PBS cluster) created by miki
Hi, I am trying to run Delphes3 on a PBS cluster and I get the …
11:06 Ticket #299 (Spurious high energy jets) created by JTatts
Hi, I'm analysing some sherpa events with Delphes and I get some …


21:43 Changeset in git [6caff58]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by pavel-demin <demin@…>
Merge branch 'master' of
16:10 Changeset in git [fe6bd24]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by pavel-demin <pavel.demin@…>
Initial commit
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