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Opened 6 years ago

#336 new Enhancement

Event (in "DelphesClasses.h") conflicts with Pythia8::Event

Reported by: kpeders1 Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: Delphes code Version: Delphes 3
Keywords: Pythia jet matching merging Event Pythia::Event Cc:



Sorry to bug you again so soon, but I have a very simple suggestion.

Background: I am attempting to implement MadGraph? -> LHE, then LHE -> Pythia -> Delphes. The easiest way to accomplish this (IMHO) is to run MadGraph? independently, then change the Beams:LHEF setting in a Pythia config file, and use one main() to drive both Pythia and Delphes (thanks in large part to your example main).

Issue: So far this has worked great, but today I tried to activate jet matching/merging between MadGraph? and Pythia, which required linking in some new Pythia headers. The problem arose because the class Event in "classes/DelphesClasses.h" is ambiguous with Pythia::Event.

My Solution:I decided to rename Event -> TimedEvent?, as the base class merely stores some timing information (and an index), changing the 5 lines in "classes/DelphesClasses.h" (including the ClassDef?) and ones in "classes/ClassLinkDef.h". I also had to change a few lines in "converters/root2lhco.cpp" (less important) to get the Makefile to fully rebuild.

Thanks for your detector simulator!


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