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LHCb delphes card

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Component: Delphes code Version: Delphes 3
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I would like to ask some information about the LHCb card.
1) First, I would like to know if it is updated/validated/supported.
2) I see that there are no branches for particles other than photons and neutral hadrons, but there are efficiency maps also for muons etc. Can we simply add the branches of the other particles in the end of the card to make them working? Are this supported?
3) I am particularly interested in photons. Does the photon category include converted photons? If yes, is there a way to distinguish converted and not-converted category? I see that there is a section on "Photon conversions" with some "Conversion Map", but I have the impression that there the interval of Abs(z) are not mutually exclusive, so I'm wondering if this is working properly.

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