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Research directions:
Cosmology and General Relativity
Phenomenology of elementary particles
Theories of the fundamental interactions

Active projects
Neutrino Masses as a Key to New Physics
Marco Drewes, Yannis Georis, Juraj Klaric, Michele Lucente

We study the perspectives to probe the origin of neutrino mass with existing or near future experiments. The focus lies on low scale seesaw scenarios involving heavy right handed neutrinos. We are also interested in cosmological implications, such as leptogenesis or connections to Dark Matter.
New Paths to Hidden Sectors
Marco Drewes, Andrea Giammanco, Juraj Klaric

We study the perspectives to search for new long lived particles with existing accelerator facilities. This includes searches for non-standard signatures at the LHC main detectors, fixed target experiments and searches in heavy ion collisions.
Scalar Fields in the Early Universe
Mubarak Abdallah, Marco Drewes

We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of scalar fields in the early universe in the framework of the Schwinger-Keldysh formalism. We are interested in several applications, including inflation, reheating, Dark Matter production and the fate of the Higgs field in the early universe.
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IRMP-CP3-22-51: Exploiting exotic LHC datasets for long-lived new particle searches
El Faham, Hesham and Giammanco, Andrea and Hajer, Jan

[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper. November 3.
CP3-22-17: Opportunities for new physics searches with heavy ions at colliders
d'Enterria, David and others

[Abstract] [PDF]
Snowmass White Paper
March 14.


CP3-21-48: Oscillating scalar dissipating in a medium
Ai, Wen-Yuan and Drewes, Marco and Glavan, Dra\v{z}en and Hajer, Jan

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Refereed paper. July 24.
CP3-21-16: Unleashing the full power of LHCb to probe Stealth New Physics
Borsato, M. and others

[Abstract] [PDF]
82 pages, 31 figures
Contribution to proceedings. June 3.
CP3-21-13: Portal Effective Theories: A framework for the model independent description of light hidden sector interactions
Arina, Chiara and Hajer, Jan and Klose, Philipp

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal]
Refereed paper. May 17.

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