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Other docs

How to and FAQ's


  • [:MGChart:Structure flowchart]
  • [:InstallMG:How to install the whole Madgraph/MadEvent package on your machine and generate a new process]
  • [:InputEx:Syntax and process input examples]
  • [:GenEv:How to generate events on your machine]
  • [:General-Scripts:Submission scripts and running on your cluster]


  • [:FAQ-General-1:How do I implement my own cuts in MadEvent ?]
  • [:FAQ-General-2:How do I implement my own renormalization/factorization scales in MadEvent ?]
  • [:FAQ-General-3:How do I change the mass of a particle that is assumed massless in MadGraph/MadEvent ?]
  • [:FAQ-General-4:Can I just calculate the amplitudes for a (sub)process and check them point-by-point in phase space points using MadGraph ?]
  • [:FAQ-General-5:Is there a limit to the maximum allowed number of diagrams? How can I change it?]
  • [:FAQ-General-6:How do I generate only a subset of diagrams? What are the decay chains?]
  • [:FAQ-General-7:Can I use MadGraph (or any other external matrix element generator) with Pythia for DIS?]
  • [:FAQ-General-8:How many events can I generate in one run with MadEvent?]
  • [:FAQ-General-9:Can I use the LHE file from Pythia as input to detector simulation?]
  • [:FAQ-General-10:I generated an s-channel process p p > W+ > e+ ve, and in some events the W doesn't show up in the event record. Why is this?]
  • [:FAQ-General-11:How do I read the .hep file from Pythia?]
  • [:FAQ-General-12:Why don't I get the number of events I asked for from MadEvent?]

Input Cards


  • [:FAQ-Cards-1:Should I use different ids (@1,@2,...) in multiprocess proc_card or could I use the same ?]
  • [:FAQ-Cards-2:What is bwcutoff, and why is it important for decay chains?]

Interfaces and Tools

  • [:Software.ToolS:List of interfaces and tools]


  • [:FAQ-IT-2:How I decay heavy particles in the final state?]
  • [:FAQ-IT-3:What is REPLACE?]
  • [:FAQ-IT-4:Pythia and HERWIG require a mass for all particles, while in MadGraph several are set to zero. How do I fix it?]
  • How to read the LHCO event files
  • [:FAQ-IT-5:How do I get nice plots automatically when running generate_events, like I get on the web?]

Matching/Merging with the Shower

  • [:IntroMatching:Introduction to Matching in MG/ME]


  • [:FAQ-Matching-1:What are Qcut and xQcut?]
  • [:FAQ-Matching-2:Can I change the ren and fac scales when I use the matching?]


  • [:IntroGrid:Introduction to Grid running option in MG/ME]
  • [:Library.GridDevelopment:Technical details for setting up and running the Grid Package]


  • [:FAQ-Gridpacks-2:Can I analyse only a part of the produced sample?]
  • [:FAQ-Gridpacks-3:Is there a minimal statistics suggested?]
  • [:FAQ-Gridpacks-4:The gridpack seems sometimes very large in size? Can I improve on this?]
  • [:FAQ-Gridpacks-5:I have downloaded a madevent.tar.gz package. Can I create the gridpack locally?]

New Physics


  • [:FAQ-NewPhysics-1:What are the options in MG/ME for creating a new model ?]
  • [:FAQ-NewPhysics-2:What are the QNUMBERS useful for?]

Matrix element method

  • [:Software.MadWeight:Introduction to matrix element methods (MadWeight) in MG/ME]
  • [:Software.MadWeightFAQ:MadWeight FAQ ]

Quarkonium Simulations

  • [:Software.MadOniaDescription:Introduction to heavy quark bound state simulations (MadOnia) in MG/ME ]
  • [:Software.MadOniaManual:How to use it]
  • [:Software.MadOniaFAQ:FAQ on MadOnia]
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