Core code related topics

  • MadGraph : the Feyman diagram and helicity amplitude generator, in its StandAlone version or as a part of the larger package.
  • MadEvent : the integration system that computes cross section and generated events.
  • MadDipole : automated dipole subtraction for NLO computations.
  • MadWeight : the integration system that computes weight for matrix element method.
  • MadOnia : production of quarkonium states.
  • HELAS : the original HELAS library and all the additional routines developed.
  • Matching of jets between MadEvent and Pythia
  • InstallHowTo : all questions related to core code installation
  • BugsReport/Fixes : the right place to report bugs and/or look for fixes in the core code
  • FAQ : answers to frequently asked questions concerning MadGraph / MadEvent (standard user oriented, more technical details being covered in dedicated topics above)

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