Model Database

One entry in the model DB contains:

  • unique tag, analog to arXiv: moDel:1003.0123
  • title
  • author list
  • free text abstract
  • a classification of the model. Should not be hierarchical, since this makes multiple attachments hard. Options are
    • entirely free tagging
    • choice from a pre-set list of tags
  • model description in terms of the (versioned) input file for a specific (versioned) package
    • this combination should also already have a tool chain ID
  • list of validations that have been performed.
    • This format is described below
  • Thumbnails of plots of MC comparisons, including the tool chain ID that was used to make them
  • pointer to the main arXiv paper
  • pointers to downstream papers
  • a "supersedes moDel:0909.3210" entry
  • a sharing licence (maybe pre-defined such that only models adhering to a certain licence can enter)

features of the interaction:

  • allow for a 24h period for corrections at initial upload
  • authority to modify entries lies with author
    • author can grant modification rights to validators
    • author can relinquish access rights
    • automatic opening after a time limit / max idle time?
  • a system for citation handling?

possible uses:

specific BSM modelwhich papers refer to it, which validations have been done
specific particle (maybe PDG code)which models have it


Proposal for 4-Star ratings:

  1. Documentation
  2. Theory
  3. 1 MC verification
  4. n MC verifications
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