The Hill Model


  • Priscila de Aquino
    • KU Leuven & CP3
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  • Claude Duhr
    • IPPP Durham
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Description of the model

The Hill model consists in the standard model to which a new scalar sector is added, the so-called Hill-field. The Hill-field couples only to the SM Higgs boson, in such a way that that non diagonal mass terms are generated. After diagonalisation of the mass matrix, the SM Higgs field and the Hill field mix into two new scalar fields h1 and h2.


  • " The minimal non-minimal Standard Model ", J.J. van der Bij, Phys.Lett.B636:56-59,2006, hep-ph/0603082.

Model files

  • This is the main file.
  • Hill.nb: This is an example Mathematica notebook that loads the model and calculates Feynman rules.


The model-file is loaded in the usual way.

Feynman gauge is not supported, only unitary gauge is available.

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