• Description: automatized generation of Helas routines from FeynRules, both in Fortran for MG and in C++ for Herwig.
  • Names: Olivier, Claude, Will, Priscila, David
  • Status:
    • We have a defined format for the FR output (via a class)
    • We have produce our first generated automaticaly Helas Routine from FeynRules.
    • Testing those routines is in progress
  • To-do:
    • Python Optimization (code quite slow at the time) -partially done-
    • Regenerate all the Helas routine and test those against the old one -in progress-
    • Implement the Scalar in the FortranWriter -DONE-
    • Implement Helas Optimization -DONE-
    • Implement a mode for complex couplings/masses
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