Higgs Effective Lagrangian @ NLO


  • Céline Degrande (IPPP, Durham)
    • celine.degrande @
  • Benjamin Fuks (LPTHE, Paris)
    • fuks @
  • Kentarou Mawatari (LPSC, Grenoble)
    • kentarou.mawatari @
  • Ken Mimasu (U. of Sussex)
    • k.mimasu @
  • Verónica Sanz (U. of Sussex)
    • v.sanz @

Description of the model

The HEL@NLO model contains a subset of bosonic, dimension-6 operators in the Standard Model effective field theory, relevant for electroweak Higgs production. The model can be used to compute, e.g., associated production or vector boson fusion processes at NLO accuracy in QCD merged with parton shower using software such as MadGraph5_aMC@NLO.

  • 1609.04833: Céline Degrande, Benjamin Fuks, Kentarou Mawatari, Ken Mimasu, Verónica Sanz
    "Electroweak Higgs boson production in the standard model effective field theory beyond leading order in QCD"

Model files

Version updates

  • 23.09.2016 - v1.0: release version
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