GGG: the triple-gluon EFT operator model, ready for computing loops with up to four gluons connected to it

Description of the model & reference

This model corresponds to the standard model amended with the following two operators (G is the gluon field strength tensor):


with like-named associated coupling orders. The second operator involving the covariant derivative is typically not relevant as it is often rotated away in the basis using the equations of motion. The reference publication using this model is To appear?, which also provides the validation material.

Model files

We provide here the UFO library for this model is available and the original .fr model file.

We stress that due to the complexity of the colour and Lorentz structures, not all counterterms have been computed and included in the model, but only those for one-loops connected to at most four gluons.

Also, the length of the name of some fortran subroutines generated from this model will prevent their compilation, and this problem is only fixed in MG5_aMC v2.6.3+, so check the version of your MG5_aMC distribution to ensure compatibility.


The analytical expression for the squared one-loop interference amplitudes of order O(1/\Lambda2), given in Eq. A.16 of the reference paper? can be numerically compared to MadLoop output using this model.

The cross-sections given in Table 6 of that paper can also be reproduced directly using MG5_aMC.

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