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Model description

The Chern-Simons portal extends the Standard Model by adding a new vector particle with zero electric charge, the X boson, interacting with the Standard Model electroweak gauge bosons, W, Z, and photon, via pseudo Chern-Simons current [1][2]. Brief description of the model is given in the file.

Implementation and usage description

The model has been implemented using merging of and files. The implementation introduces one real new vector particle - X boson with the name xb. The implementation contains 6 new parameters: the coupling to W bosons cW (default value: 0.001), the coupling to Z bosons cZ (default value: 0.001), the coupling to the Z boson and photon cZgamma (default value: 0.001), the non-minimal axial-vector coupling to muons Cmu (default value: 0.1), the X boson mass Mxb (default value: 1 in units of GeV), the X boson width Wxb (default value: 1 in units of GeV). The implementation is performed in the unitary gauge. The implementation format is the UFO format.

To use the model, unpack the archive and move the resulting folder ChernSimons_UFO to the directory /models of your MadGraph directory.



Please cite [3] when using the model file.

  • [1] I. Antoniadis, A. Boyarsky, S. Espahbodi, O. Ruchayskiy, J.D. Wells. Anomaly driven signatures of new invisible physics at the Large Hadron Collider. hep-ph/0901.0639
  • [2] S. Alekhin A facility to Search for Hidden Particles at the CERN SPS: the SHiP physics case. hep-ph/1504.04855
  • [3] K. Bondarenko, A. Boyarsky, M. Ovchynnikov, O. Ruchayskiy, L. Shchutska. Probing new physics with displaced vertices: muon tracker at CMS. hep-ph/1903.11918
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