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22:47 Changeset in git [407aeba]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by ksuruliz <ksuruliz@…>
Fixing pythonisation of classes for recent ROOT versions
22:09 tutorial_solution attached to WorkBook/Tutorials/Pisa by mselvaggi
22:02 WorkBook/Tutorials/Pisa edited by mselvaggi
21:08 WorkBook/Tutorials/Pisa edited by mselvaggi
16:39 WorkBook/Tutorials/Pisa edited by mselvaggi
15:37 WorkBook/Tutorials/Pisa edited by mselvaggi
14:52 WorkBook/Tutorials edited by mselvaggi
14:51 WorkBook/Tutorials/Pisa created by mselvaggi


10:41 Ticket #1336 (converter root2lhco) created by KYBan
Hi, I found the minor error of root2lhco converter. …


06:42 Ticket #1335 (How to get mother PdgID of generator level particle in Delphes) created by snandan
Hi, I am running delphes using hepmc input. I don't understand the …


02:25 Ticket #1334 (Error in cling - Delphes 3.4.1) created by surrutiaquir
Hi, I apologize in advance because probably it is very simple …


23:10 Changeset in git [b1e03e5]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Pavel Demin <pavel-demin@…>
add AllowShortCaseLabelsOnASingleLine to .clang-format
22:57 Changeset in git [50a30c9]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Pavel Demin <pavel-demin@…>
add .clang-format


16:20 Changeset in git [f50b2aa]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Basil Schneider <basil.schneider@…>
Fix the efficiency for tight muons at high eta


23:34 Changeset in git [6bc0fd3]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by GitHub <noreply@…>
Merge pull request #62 from chekanov/master Corrected ProIO reader to …
17:06 Changeset in git [538edc4]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Chekanov <chekanov@…>
Corrected ProIO reader to make it consistent ProIO.


16:19 Changeset in git [1d9c62a]ImprovedOutputFileTimingdual_readoutllp by Pavel Demin <pavel-demin@…>
fix compilation under Ubuntu 14.04
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