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2- added DenseTrackFilter for modelling tracking inefficiencies in boosted, dense environments
3- added detector cards for CLIC, HL-LHC and IDEA detectors
4- added muons to Tower collection used for jets reconstruction and MET calculation in the ATLAS card (#1118)
5- added Weight branch to HepMC
6- added Jet constituent output to FastJetFinder (allows more complex schemes of MET calculation) (#1349)
7- added Valencia jet algorithm from FastJet Contrib library and exclusive jet clustering for e+e- collisions (thanks to Ulrike Schnoor)
8- added possibility to read cross section from LHE files produced with Wizard event generator
9- added NeutralOutputArray in ParticlePropagator
10- added various information in StatusPidFilter (B and tau decay products, photons, SUSY particles, W daughters)
11- added DelphesProIO reader for ProIO data format (thanks to Sergei Chekanov)
12- improved TrackSmearing and updated TrackCountingBTagging (thanks to Kevin Pedro)
13- adapted Efficiency and DelphesFormula to long-lived particles
14- adapted Python analysis code to recent ROOT versions (thanks to Kerim Suruliz)
15- updated class version of LHEFEvent, HepMCEvent, Photon, Electron, Muon, Jet and Candidate (#1363)
16- updated FastJet library to 3.3.2 and FastJet Contrib library to 1.041
17- updated copyright and licensing information
18- removed dependency on the RPC and XDR libraries from STDHEP reader (#1310)
19- fixed Delphes class destructor (TList::Clear error) (#1320)
22- added RadiusMax and HalfLengthMax to ParticlePropagator to keep decay products of the long-lived particles (#1084)
23- fixed compilation of Validation.cpp
24- improved CMake configuration
25- fixed weights in LHEFReader
26- fixed bug in Charged Hadron Subtraction (CHS)
27- promoted z vertex resolution to TFormula
28- fixed bugs in DelphesDisplay
29- added jet substructure to default CMS and FCC cards
30- updated tracker and calorimeter resolution in the FCC card
31- added preliminary FCC-hh card with pile-up
32- corrected ECAL granularity in the ILD detector configuration
35- corrected granularities for ECAL and HCAL in ATLAS and CMS cards
36- included latest FCC-hh and CEPC detector cards
37- improved particle flow algorithm
38- updated FastJet library to 3.2.1
39- updated Nsubjettiness library to 2.2.4
40- added script that produce validation plots
41- added DelphesROOT reader
42- added TrackSmearing and BeamSpotFilter modules
43- completed TimeSmearing module
44- added preliminary version of vertex clustering algorithm in 3/4D, VertexFinder and VertexFinder4D (special thanks to A. Hart and L. Gray)
45- fixed muon efficiency at high energy
46- replaced gaussian smearing with lognormal in MomentumSmearing module
47- made pyROOT compatible with ROOT
50- improved compatibility with ROOT >= 6.04
51- removed test of praticle stability based on ROOT pdgtable (#347, #753, #821, #855)
52- fixed bugs in DelphesCMSFWLite
53- fixed bugs in PUPPI
54- fixed compiler and linker flags for Pythia8
55- added CMS Phase II cards
56- added particle gun to DelphesPythia8
57- added jet merging to DelphesPythia8 based on Pythia8
58- added UseMiniCone option in Isolation module
59- added RecoPuFilter module
60- added back OldCalorimeter for CheckMate bwd compatibilty (#591)
61- updated tracking and calorimeter resolution in CMS cards
64- added pre-validated card for CMS upgrade Phase II studies
65- added TrackCountingTauTagging module (a la CheckMate)
66- updated tau-tagging efficiency according to ATL-PHYS-PUB-2015-045
69- corrected light parton mistag rate in b-tagging formula for CMS and ILD cards
70- added tracks to output in ILD card to enable root2lhco conversion
71- fixed muon collection in ILD card
72- added example for pileup generation with Pythia8
73- moved to loose isolation working points for ATLAS and CMS cards
74- added UseRhoCorrection switch to decide which isolation variable use for selection (true by default)
75- switch to Rapidity selector (SelectorRapRange) for pile-up density computation in FastJet to ensure backward compatibility
76- addressed N-subjettiness warnings in 2.2.1 version
79- improved energy-flow algorithm for high momentum
80- updated b-tagging parameterisations to recent ATLAS and CMS publications
81- updated FastJet library to 3.1.3
82- updated Nsubjettiness library to 2.2.1
83- added a detector card for the ILD detector (for ILC)  based on
84- adapted examples, EventDisplay, DelphesFormula and DelphesTF2 to ROOT 6.04
85- fixed tau-tagging for events without tau (thanks to Sho Iwamoto)
86- fixed UniqueObjectFinder (#728)
87- added JetFakeParticle module
88- added PhotonConversions module
89- added TaggingParticlesSkimmer module
90- added phi and energy dependence to AngularSmearing, BTagging, Efficiency, EnergyScale, EnergySmearing, IdentificationMap, ImpactParameterSmearing and MomentumSmearing
91- added IsRecoPU flag and PTMin parameter to TrackPileUpSubtractor
92- added Invert and Status options to PdgCodeFilter (thanks to Chase Shimmin)
93- added new isolation variables to Candidate, Electron, Muon and Photon classes (thanks to Raffaele Gerosa)
94- added code from CMS to PileUpMerger and PileUpMergerPythia8
95- added timing information to Calorimeter
96- added new PileUpJetID version (thanks to Seth Senz)
97- added Area 4-vector to jet class
98- added PUPPI algorithm and RunPUPPI module
99- added RecursiveTools package from fastjet contribs
100- replaced N-subjettiness with an array in Jet class (same as in Candidate class)
101- added Trimming, Pruning and SoftDrop to FastJetFinder
102- added possibility to use DelphesPythia8 with LHE files
103- added Pythia8 examples
104- added JetFlavorAssociation module with Physics and Algorithmic definitions of the jet flavor
105- added new jet flavor definitions to the BTagging module (available only when running DelphesPythia8 with LHE files)
108- moved code repository to GitHub (
109- moved configuration files from examples to cards directory
110- new event display, with automatic discovery of the object collections, navigation controls, and 3D geometry sketch (for more details, see WorkBook/EventDisplay)
111- updated FastJet library to 3.1.0
112- added zero suppression to Calorimeter and SimpleCalorimeter modules
113- added SmearTowerCenter configuration parameter to Calorimeter and SimpleCalorimeter modules (#363)
114- added FastJetGridMedianEstimator module (provides much faster pile-up subtraction based on a fixed grid eta-dependent average pile-up density computation)
115- added AngularSmearing module (to smear track eta,phi)
116- added PdgCodeFilter (to veto particle with given PID from collections)
117- added IdentificationMap (allows to apply (mis)-identification)
118- added Example4.C (provides an example on how to compute the jet energy scale)
119- added examples (examples/ExternalFastJet) on how to run Delphes as a library with external FastJet installation
120- updated card for FCC studies (cards/delphes_card_FCC_basic.tcl)
121- added card for LHCb studies (cards/delphes_card_LHCb.tcl)
122- made interface with Pythia 8 turned off by default
123- adapted Isolation module to new energy-flow photons and neutral hadrons (#362)
124- fixed jet mass calculation for anti-kt with "winner-take-all" (#355)
125- fixed crashing of root2lhco when ROOT file doesn't contain all required branches (#340)
126- added possibility to build Delphes with CMake (#313)
129- fixed smearing of (z,t) vertex distribution in the PileUpMerger module
132- adapted DelphesSTDHEP to the latest version of the STDHEP format introduced in MadGraph5_aMC@NLO 2.1.2
135  added Hector module (fast simulator for the transport of particles in beam lines)
136- added N-subjettiness and N-jettiness (to identify boosted hadronically-decaying objects like electroweak bosons and top quarks)
137- added SimpleCalorimeter module (to study effects of different granularity in ECAL and HCAL)
138- added ImpactParameterSmearing (to smear transverse and longitudinal track impact parameter needed for track counting b-tagging)
139- added TrackCountingBTagging module (for simple b-tagging algorithm based on counting tracks with large impact parameter)
140- added basic card for FCC studies (examples/delphes_card_FCC_basic.tcl)
143- updated FastJet library to 3.0.6
144- added smearing of (z,t) vertex distribution in the PileUpMerger module
145- propagation time computed for every output collection
146- added TimeSmearing module (for propagation time measurement)
147- added PileUpJetId module (thanks to Seth Senz)
150- new energy-flow algorithm, optimized for better compatibility with pile-up subtraction
151- added possibility of computing pile-up density in different eta regions via the RhoEtaRange parameter in FastJetFinder module
152- implemented correct efficiency/resolution for high pt muons in CMS cards
153- removed pile-up subtraction on missing energy
154- added possibility to read re-weighting information from LHEF input files
155- added UsePTSum and PTSumMax parameters to isolation module
156- added possibility of specifying the shape of pile-up distribution (via the PileUpDistribution parameter in the PileUpMerger module)
157- added pile-up Vertex collection to the output tree
160- new readers (DelphesProMC.cpp, (#220), DelphesPythia8)
161- new modules (EnergyScale, PileUpMergerPythia8, Weighter)
162- new module parameters (absolute/relative isolation (#187), flat/poisson pile-up distribution)
163- new global parameters (max number of events, skip events (#183), random seed (#202))
164- new branches (pile-up event density rho, MC event weight)
165- updated CMS and ALTAS detector cards (and added ATLAS pile-up detector card)
166- calorimeter smearing is now performed according to a logNormal distribution
167- improved particle-flow algorithm (#204)
168- added calculation of particle propagation time in the tracker
169- fixed tau-jet matching by only considering visible hadronic tau (#208)
170- read masses from MC event file (#195, #201)
171- bug fixes in DelphesCMSFWLite (#196)
172- compilable analysis macro examples (#182)
173- ability to read MC re-weighting information from LHE files
176- fixed reading of weighted STDHEP events (#181)
177- fixed script building Delphes with CMSFWLite (#180)
178- added more particles to StatusPidFilter (#179)
181- fixed treatment of units in HepMC format (#175)
182- added Weight to HepMCEvent branch to store the event weight (#173)
183- added Rho branch to store the rho energy density (#176)
184- added random rotation of pile-up events around the z-axis
187- added separate make rule for the event display to fix the compilation problem for systems without OpenGL libraries (#168, #127)
188- added Cloner module
189- modified BTagging module (several BTagging bits can be stored for the same jet collection, see here)
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