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Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology - CP3
Université catholique de Louvain
2, Chemin du Cyclotron - Box L7.01.05
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

+32 10 473275


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Research directions:
Cosmology and General Relativity

Active projects
Scalar Fields in the Early Universe
Wenyuan Ai, Gilles Buldgen, Marco Drewes, Drazen Glavan, Philipp Klose, Lei Ming

We study the nonequilibrium dynamics of scalar fields in the early universe in the framework of the Schwinger-Keldysh formalism. We are interested in several applications, including inflation, reheating, Dark Matter production and the fate of the Higgs field in the early universe.
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CP3-20-10: Single Graviton Loop Contribution to the Self-Mass of a Massless, Conformally Coupled Scalar on de Sitter Background
Dražen Glavan, Shun-Pei Miao, Tomislav Prokopec, Richard P. Woodard

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Refereed paper. February 16.
CP3-20-03: Abelian Higgs model in power-law inflation: propagators in the unitary gauge
Dražen Glavan, Anja Marunović, Tomislav Prokopec, Zahra Zahraee

[Abstract] [PDF]
Refereed paper. January 22.


CP3-19-44: One-loop E&M correlators of SQED in power-law inflation
Glavan, Dražen and Rigopoulos, Gerasimos

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Refereed paper. September 25.
CP3-19-43: Breaking of scaling symmetry by massless scalar on de Sitter
Glavan, D. and Miao, S. P. and Prokopec, T. and Woodard, R. P.

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Refereed paper. August 28.
CP3-19-39: Graviton Propagator in a 2-Parameter Family of de Sitter Breaking Gauges
Glavan, D. and Miao, S. P. and Prokopec, T. and Woodard, R. P.

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Refereed paper. August 15.

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