Nicolas Szilasi

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Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology - CP3
Université catholique de Louvain
2, Chemin du Cyclotron - Box L7.01.01
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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Research directions:
Cosmology and General Relativity
Research and development of new detectors

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Active projects
ETpathfinder - Bench top suspension design and fabrication
Giacomo Bruno, Nicolas Szilasi, Joris van Heijningen

The ETpathfinder is an R&D infrastructure for testing and prototyping innovative concepts and enabling technologies for the Einstein Telescope, the European concept for a new class of future gravitational wave observatories. ETpathfinder is funded by the interreg program of the EU. The ETpathfinder project broadly consists of six vacuum towers. Four towers are cryogenic and hold suspensions for the mirrors (or test masses) of the experiment. Two towers are operated at room temperature. They hold suspensions for optical tables which hold smaller optics that prepare the beams to be shot into both arms (mode cleaning, frequency stabilisation etc.) and hold the beamsplitters and detection optics.

Many of these optics are suspended individually with small bench top suspensions so they can be steered and additionally seismically isolated. This project concerns the design, prototyping and partial fabrication of >10 suspensions of order 75cm high.

External collaborators: S. Hild (Maastricht), A. Bertolini (Nikhef), Conor Mow-Lowry (Nikhef), Ken Strain (and other LIGO HRTS designers) and ETpathfinder collaboration.
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CP3-22-38: Strategies and performance of the CMS silicon tracker alignment during LHC Run~2
Tumasyan, Armen and others

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Published in Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A
Refereed paper. August 12.


CP3-20-33: Test beam demonstration of silicon microstrip modules with transverse momentum discrimination for the future CMS tracking detector
CMS Tracker Collaboration

[Journal] [Full text]
Published in: JINST 13 (2018) 03, P03003, Report number: FERMILAB-PUB-18-385-CMS, CERN-CMS-NOTE-2017-010

O. Bondu5, S. Brochet5, A. Caudron5, S. De Visscher5, B. Francois5, A. Jafari5, J. Cabrera Jamoulle5, M. Komm5, G. Krintiras5, A. Magitteri5, A. Mertens5, D. Michotte5, M. Musich5,, L. Quertenmont5, M. Vidal Marono5,
Refereed paper. July 2.
CP3-20-32: Beam test performance of prototype silicon detectors for the Outer Tracker for the Phase-2 Upgrade of CMS
CMS Tracker Group

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Published 17 March 2020 • © 2020 CERN for the benefit of the CMS collaboration.
Refereed paper. July 2.