Simon de Visscher

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Member from October 2015
Current position: Data Analytics Expert @ Gamaya (CH)
Dissertations, status,...
June 2004: Graduate diploma.
Dissertation: Analyse de topologies à un lepton dur lors de processus associés à un Higgs se désintégrant en deux bosons W

September 2005: DEA (master) diploma
Report:Identification et sélection des leptons produits lors de la production associée d'un boson de Higgs et d'une paire de quarks top-antitop dans l'expérience CMS

September 2005 - October 2009
PhD Thesis and as research assistant: work related to the modelling of collision in hadron-hadron colliders, on the BSM phenomenology particularly on 2HDM, and associated discovery potentials in general, in CMS in particular

October 2009 - September 2012
PostDoc at Universität Zürich ( work on CMS pixel commissioning and performance, B-physics, collision modeling,...

October 2012-September 2015
Fellow at CERN in the CMS group. Activities: Studies of SM V+HF process, Higgs search, b-tagging activities

September 2015-...
Chargé de Recherche F.N.R.S. Fields of activity: Standard Model, Higgs search, CMS tracker simulation, hadronic collision modeling,...
Research directions:
Phenomenology of elementary particles
Data analysis in HEP, astroparticle and GW experiments
Detector commissioning, operation and data processing

Experiments and collaborations:

Active projects
CMS Tracker commissioning and performance assessment
Florian Bury, Christophe Delaere

The CMS silicon strip tracker is the largest device of its type ever built. There are 24244 single-sided micro-strip sensors covering an active area of 198m2.
Physics performance of the detector are being constantly assessed and optimized as new data comes.
Members of UCL are playing a major role in the understanding of the silicon strip tracker and in the maintenance and development of the local reconstruction code.

External collaborators: CMS tracker collaboration.
Search for Higgs boson(s) in CMS at the LHC in the llbb topology
Florian Bury, Jérôme de Favereau, Christophe Delaere, Khawla Jaffel, Vincent Lemaitre, Sébastien Wertz

Search for Higgs boson(s) within the Standard Model and beyond and also withing a minimal extension of the scalar sector (2HDM).

The final state under study is a Z decaying into a lepton pair associated with two b-jets. This topology is sensitive to a light SM Higgs via the associate ZH production, as well as a middle mass range SM Higgs boson via the inclusive Higgs production followed by its decay into ZZ with one Z decaying into a lepton pair and the other into bbar.

It is also very sensitive to the production of a non standard heavy Higgs boson decaying into Z plus A (pseudo scalar Higgs boson).

Similar selection (but outside of the Z window) is also sensitive to H->aa->llbb, with "a" a generic light scalar.

External collaborators: CMS collaboration.

Non-active projects
Publications in CP3
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Last 5 publications


CP3-20-33: Test beam demonstration of silicon microstrip modules with transverse momentum discrimination for the future CMS tracking detector
CMS Tracker Collaboration

[Journal] [Full text]
Published in: JINST 13 (2018) 03, P03003, Report number: FERMILAB-PUB-18-385-CMS, CERN-CMS-NOTE-2017-010

O. Bondu5, S. Brochet5, A. Caudron5, S. De Visscher5, B. Francois5, A. Jafari5, J. Cabrera Jamoulle5, M. Komm5, G. Krintiras5, A. Magitteri5, A. Mertens5, D. Michotte5, M. Musich5,, L. Quertenmont5, M. Vidal Marono5,
Refereed paper. July 2.


CP3-17-27: Particle-flow reconstruction and global event description with the CMS detector
CMS collaboration

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial] [Full text]
Submitted to JINST.
Refereed paper. August 21.


CP3-16-19: Search for A/H to Z(ll)+H/A(bb) with 2015 data
CMS collaboration

[Full text]
Prepared for Moriond 2016
Public experimental note. April 28.


CP3-09-12: Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal two-Higgs-doublet model
Simon de Visscher, Jean-Marc Gerard, Michel Herquet, Vincent Lemaitre, Fabio Maltoni

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in JHEP08(2009)042.
Refereed paper. April 3.


CP3-08-70: The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC
The CMS Collaboration

[Journal] [Full text]
The CMS Collaboration, "The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC", 2008 JINST 3 S08004, 361pp doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/08/S08004.
Refereed paper. December 10.

More publications
Talks outside UCL
23rd September 05:BND Summer school: First look at ttH, H->WW associated productions in CMS

02nd December 05: CERN (Higgs Meeting): search for ttH->WW with two same sign leptons leptons

18th april 2007: Munich (DIS2007): Madgraph/MadEvent at work, from QCD to new physics

25th may 2007: Liege (PHD student day): Study of scalar sector with associated production of Higgs bosons and top quarks.

5th june 2007 : CERN (Top meeting): Production of ttbar + jets samples with MadGraph/MadEvent.

16th july 2007 : CERN (Top meeting): Lastest development of matching in MadGraph/MadEvent.

13th November 2007 : SUSY-GDR workshop: Extra-jet radiations in inclusive SUSY sample and SM backgrounds

February 08: Talks at LCG, Atlas MC meeting: Multi-jet process generation

March 08: CMS generator meeting: status of mas production for CMS

June 08: SUSY08 (Seoul - invited talk): radiation of extra-jet in inclusive SUSY processes

July 08: CERN: radiation of extra-jet in inclusive SUSY processes

December 08: CERN : MadGraph tutorial, running the code and gridpack preparation

March 09: Nikhef; QCD radiation in the production of heavy colored particles at the LHC (th. seminar)

March 10: CEA/Saclay: Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal 2HDM

June 10: IPRD 10 (Siena): Evaluation of the CMS pixel detector performances from the first LHC collisions

June 10: SPG10 (Basel): First results from the CMS experiment

June 11: Pheno11 (Madison): Recent heavy flavour results from the CMS experiment

April 12: LPCC CERN: V+HF studies in CMS

July 12: ICHEP 2012 (Melbourne): Heavy flavor quark production in association (or not) with vector bosons in CMS

November 12: LPCC (CERN): Recent V+HF results in ATLAS and CMS

January 14: HepMC WG (CERN): Future use of HepMC in CMS

October 14: ERC workshop (CERN): ME+PS merging in Madgraph5+Pythia8

Kruger 14 (South Africa): Review of Standard Model studies in CMS

March 15: Collider X-talk (CERN): Joint ATLAS and CMS seminar on V+jets

August 15: Lepton-Photon 2015 (Ljubljana): QCD measurements at high P_{T} (invited, plenary)
Teaching duties
UCL - 2005-2009
PHY 1113 (I):Mechanics (Ex + Labos) 1q
PHY 1113 (II): Hydrodynamics, Electricity, thermodynamics (Ex + Labo)
PHY 1210: Electromagnetism, waves machanics, modern physics (Ex) 2q
PHYS 2362: Data Processing in Physics 1

U.Zürich 2009-2012
Different laboratories for undergraduate students (optics, nuclear physics, electromagnetism,...)
Nuclear and particle physics exercises.
PhD supervision
Oct 2009-Aug 2010
Co-supervisor of PhD student (T.Rommerskirschen) at U. Zürich.
Context : study of multi-jet events for SUSY discovery.

June 2011-Dec 2012
Supervisor of PhD student (C.Favaro) at U.Zürich.
Context : Analysis of the associated production of dilepton final states and heavy-flavour quarks.