Higgs production in association with bottom quarks

This page contains the code to generate events for Higgs production in association with bottom quarks at LHC.

Author : Marius Wiesemann


Higgs production in association with bottom quarks

  1. Wiesemann, R. Frederix, S. Frixione, V. Hirschi, F. Maltoni, P. Torrielli. Sep 18, 2014. 33 pp.

e-Print: arXiv:1409.5301 [hep-ph]


The process folders have to be placed directly inside the main folder (of the proper version) of MadGraph5_aMC@NLO (​MG5_aMC homepage). Please extract the downloadable archive there or move the process folders there (do not copy the folder, since this may destroy the symbolic links). After unpacking, go to Cards/amcatnlo_configuration.txt inside that folder and specify the path to your MG5_aMC directory at the end of that file.


The New process folders include the new input recommendations of the LHCHXSWG (see talk bei R. Harlander) for the bottom quark mass m_b(mu_R). They are available (bbH_4FS_yb2_v2.3.0.tar.gz and bbH_4FS_ybyt_v2.3.0.tar.gz) for the official version v2.3.0 of MG5_aMC.

The original process folders (bbH4FS_yb2.2.tar and bbH4FS_ybyt.2.tar, which are still available) work with MG5_aMC v2.1.2 and should in the default setup precisely reproduce the results in arXiv:1409.5301.

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