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  • $\epsilon^{ijk} $ color qqq vertex (urgent)
  • spin 2 (full set of HELAS routines + MadGraph ? )


  • Decay chains -- Force propagators onshell -- %Y% JA v. 4.2.0
  • Maximum number of particles
  • Graphs with many particles
  • 4-point in phase space
  • Allow two-digit numbers in the process number definitions (@n in the proc_card)


  • Calculate all couplings event-by-event (at least if one of fixed_couplings is F) -- %Y% JA v. 4.1.34
  • MadEvent for the Grid
  • Phase space integration/grid optimization for SCET
  • Get right cross section and error for each subprocess in the <init> block of the event file


  • Interfaces : QNumbers (Pythia, done by Michel by fall) -- %Y% MH & JA v. 4.1.43 & py/pgs v. 2.0.19
  • Add HERWIG interface (1st oct)


  • Now that the MadDecay is available it would be nice to have a script/tool to decay events by merging production / decay event files


  • Tools: Special tool server? Possibility to give URL instead of downloading/uploading files?
  • Web: Allow Pythia+PGS running after complete run - preferably rewrite web run form as pearl script -- %Y% JA v. 4.1.42
  • Add text field editing of cards -- %Y% MH & JA
  • Plotting : replace ExRootAnalysis by MadAnalysis for online Plotting, add text field to edit plotting cards online instead of full web form -- %Y% RF & JA
  • Wiki : Interesting questions/bug reports by mail should always be answered on FAQ and BugsReport pages, the documents page and News page on clusters should be moved to Wiki

Towards the Grid

  • Pass the scripts to bash -- %Y% JA v. 4.2.2.

  • Allow a set up that avoids using the central disk mounted on each node. This is easy within CONDOR, but should be done independently of the batching scheme. Here is an e-mail by Steve Mrenna that explains what he did at Fermilab.

  • Implement MadGrid (TS). In this case MG/ME runs two independent phases. %BR%
    • make_madgrid [0/1] [nameproc] : prepares the MadGrid code. The script runs a special version of survey and refine to get to find the cross sections corresponding to each of the integration channels. This can be run either on a single computer or on a cluster and will be available from the web too. The output of this first phase is
      • The information on the cross section
      • A self contained package, !MadGrid_nameproc.tar.gz, which is similar to madevent.tar.gz but it is a frozen code. (i.e. ALL input cards (except for grid_card.dat) cannot be edited anymore). Only very little information that can be passed to MadGrid via the grid_card.dat (the number of events to be returned, rnd seed, a file name).


  • Clarify role of Calculators with the new FeynRules approach %Y%

-- Main.JohanAlwall - 07 Feb 2008

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