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Physics projects

On going

  • [:Zprime:Z prime] %ICON{key}% : alternative Z' production at hadron colliders.
  • [:TopAn: Top anomalous couplings] %ICON{key}% : General top interactions in MG and corresponding pheno.


  • [:VBF:VBF] %ICON{key}% : Studies on !VBF.
  • Software.QuarkoniumProd %ICON{key}% : An event generator for heavy quarkonium physics. Applications.
  • [:GravitonPlusJets:Graviton production] %ICON{key}% : Studies on Graviton production at hadron colliders.
  • ExoticHiggsPheno %ICON{key}% : Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal two-Higgs-doublet model arXiv:0904.0705
  • SingleTopNLO %ICON{key}% : t-channel single-top production at hadron colliders arXiv:0903.0005
  • SusyJets %ICON{key}%: QCD radiation in the production of heavy colored particles at the LHC arXiv:0810.5350.
  • LightPseudo %ICON{key}%: %$h \rightarrow A^0A^0 \rightarrow b\overline{b} \tau^+\tau^-$% in VBF at LHC. (To appear in the Procs of Les Houches 2007)
  • TtbarNewPhysics : New physics signatures in t tbar events, arXiv:0712.2355
  • Software.QuarkoniumProd %ICON{key}% : Automatic quarkonium amplitudes calculation arXiv:0712.2770
  • TwistedPheno %ICON{key}% : Twisted 2HDM LHC phenomenology (M. Herquet thesis, to appear)


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