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MadGraph 5 Model

  • Top Effective
  • Feynrules Model Database contains a full set of model compatible with MG5. This includes extension of the SM, various Super-symmetric model (including the full mssm), extra-dimension model, ...

MadGraph 4 Model

  • StandardModel: the Standard Model implementation.
  • HiggsEffective: the Higgs effective couplings to gluons and photons.
  • [Models/Mssm MSSM]: the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model.
  • [Models/TwoHiggsDoublet TwoHiggsDoublet]: the two Higgs doublet model.
  • [Models/UniversalExtraDimensions UniversalExtraDimensions]: the UED model.
  • [Models/TopBsm TopBSM]: BSM resonant physics in ttbar.
  • [Models/TopEft TopEFT]: EFY for non-resonant new physics in ttbar.
  • Spin-2: BSM implementations that contains spin-2 particles.

Model information for Version 4 model can be found at the following position: MG4 Model