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Tools for the LHC (Invisibles School 2015)

2h course MC's for the LHC tutorial on MadGraph5_aMCatNLO by Fabio Maltoni.


The PDF of the lectures be found here


Tutorials are not planned. However, tutorial on MG5_aMC spanning from LO to NLO calculations can be found here (from Pavia's lectures).

We provide here complimentary material to the lectures that can used by students to verify their understanding of the basic concepts.

Monte Carlo integration

A short introduction to the techniques of Monte Carlo integration. Exercises proposed during lecture are collected in this Mathematica Notebook: mc101.nb.

LHC Phenomenology

A collection of test, exercises, and web applications on pQCD can be found in QCD_Madrid2015.pdf.

Going NLO

  1. pp>H at LO (1-loop): details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) HiggsGG-LO-mtfinite.nb
  2. pp>H at NLO: details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) higgsGG-NLO.nb
  3. pp>H at NLO: cross section evaluation for the LHC (Mathematica Notebook+PDF libraries to be compiled) phenHiggs.tar.gz.

A summary of the results can be found in Higgs.pdf.

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