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Different Tool.


This topic links different script in the context of MadWeight. Those script don't belong to the MadWeight distribution and are not supported by the MadWeight Team (neither by the MadGraph Team). Those program are often devellop for a specific case/problem/analyse and are, most of the time not working in fully general case. All the program posted are supposed to be on GNU license. So you are free to download it and to modify it. If you do, please contact Main.OlivierMattelaer, in order to have your modification available by all the user of MadWeight.

Security protection

The wiki add sometimes a .txt to the end of file, you will probably need to suppress those one if you want to run those script.

List of Generic Tool

name link version main other autheur of the last revision description
lhe_lhco_converter 1.2 Main.OlivierMattelaer Main.OlivierMattelaer convert a lhe file into a lhco file content (foreseen for testing the method) type ./ and follows instructions)
root<->lhco HERE 1.0 Main.PavelDemin Main.PavelDemin tool to convert root file to lhco and the opposite
multi_schedular soon 1.0 Main.OlivierMattelaer Main.OlivierMattelaer

xample of how to launch multiple run on different sample in a automatic iterative way (see instruction inside)</p>
LHCO_event_for_multi_card HERE 1.0 Main.OlivierMattelaer Script to generate a given number of LHCO event (after MW 'simple'-cut). This script could be changed to run MadEvent on a set of parameter. (see instruction inside)

-- Main.OlivierMattelaer - 11 Dec 2008

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