Maddm version3

What is new?

Here are the main new features of MadDm version3

  1. Indirect detection (different speed/precision mode are available)
  2. experimental constraint module (indirect and direct detection)
  3. possibility of running multinest (auto-scan method)
  4. built-in tutorial

Status of the code

The code is currently in beta! We are eager to receive your feedback (on:

Downloading the code

  • The code can be downloaded here:
    • This package contains a beta version of MG5aMC and maddm version3.
    • The command "install maddm" will not work in this version and this package is not compatible with MG5aMC auto-update.
  • The requirement for the code are
    • gcc
    • Python2.7
    • numpy
    • scipy
  • Optional dependencies
    • pymultinest
    • Dragon
    • Pythia8

Installing/learning the code

  • you just have to untar the package (tar -xzpf Maddm_v3.tgz)
  • to launch the code type ./bin/maddm
  • This opens a shell prompt (a la MG5aMC) to learn the main feature type "tutorial" and follow the instructions

More documentation

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