How to get the plugin

  1. run the command "bzr branch lp:~mg5hpcteam/mg5amcnlo/mpi_plugin"
  2. move the created directory in the PLUGIN directory of your MG5aMC code (version 2.5.2 or later required)

what the plugin does

  1. Allow to have a new version of the gridpack generation (LO only) working via MPI method
  2. define a new set of cluster type showing how to submit such run on MPI cluster. You will be likely to have to edit one of those examples to make it running in your cluster.

How to install the plugin

  1. launch ./bin/mg5
  2. configure your fortran compiler: set fortran_compiler mpif77 (or set fortran_compiler ftn)
  3. configure your version to cluster mode: set run_mode 1
  4. Choose your MPI_CLUSTER: set cluster_type cori_haswell (or edit the file as needed for your cluster)

MPI Cluster handling

  1. The list of supported cluster and the associated class is written in
        new_cluster = {'edison': MPIcluster.EdisonCluster,
                   'mpi_single_core': MPIcluster.OneCore,
                   'cori_haswell': MPIcluster.CoriClusterH,
                   'cori_kln': MPIcluster.CoriClusterKLN}
  2. They all contain hardcoded number. So you are likely needed to modify one of those class or create your own to handle your cluster. The examples in that file should be enough for you to understand the logic and modify those or create your own submission routine.

How to run the plugin

  1. ./bin/mg5_aMC
  2. type "generate p p > XXXXXXXX"
  3. type "output mpi PATH"
  4. type exit
  5. type "cd PATH"
  6. ./bin/generate_events
  7. this gridpack is created in the local directory and is typically named: "run_01_gridpack.tar.gz"
  8. you can use your gridpack on the grid(this is a single node job). You can run it as many times as needed as long as you have a different seed for each job.

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