How to compile a SubProcess directory in aMC@NLO

  • go to the SubProcesses/P0_XXXXXXXX directory
  • You need to set the following flag:
    1. export madloop=True
    2. export fastjet_config=None # if you use fjcore otherwise put the path to fasjet-config file
    3. unset lhapdf # if you didn't link to lhapdf otherwise the path to lhapdf-config
  • then type make; make EXEC where EXEC is the exuecutable that you want to use (various exists depending of the current mode fix-order or not, LO or NLO --see below--)

If it didn't work this is likely that the Source directory was not compile with the same flag.So you need to recompile it with the same flags.

Here is an example of the compilation (with the usual check) that we performed:

   make gensym
   echo 0 | ./gensym
   make test_ME
   ./test_ME < ../../test_ME_input.txt
   make check_poles
   ./check_poles < ../../check_poles_input.txt
   make madevent_mintMC # for event generation
   make madevent_mintFO # for fixed-order runs
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