The Higgs and the top windows onto new physics (LAL 2019)

The physics of the Higgs and the top quark, with New Physics in mind:

Preliminary Version of the slides:

  1. Slides

Higgs production at the LHC : A case study

  1. pp>H at LO (1-loop): details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) HiggsGG-LO-mtfinite.nb
  2. pp>H at NLO: details of the calculation (Mathematica Notebook) higgsgg-nlo.nb
  3. pp>H at NLO: cross section evaluation for the LHC (Mathematica Notebook+PDF libraries to be compiled)

The original paper by Sally Dawson on the NLO calculation can be found here and a note of the calculation results can be found in here.

Hands On LHC Phenomenology

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