Michel Herquet
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PhD student in CP3 from October 2003 to September 2008
Current position: Partner at B12 Consulting and at Novapta. Formerly: McKinsey & Company, Postdoc at NIKHEF (NL).
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I am involved in the following research direction:

Observability of a minimal extension of the scalar sectror: 2HDM at the LHC

The goal of this work is to explore the phenomenology of a two Higgs doublet model with a custodial symmetry. It provides topologies that are unusual in the models usually considered in the literature. Notably, it opens the possibility of having an inverted mass spectrum with respect to MSSM with the lightest Higges being a pseudo-scalar and an heavier triplet of charged and neutral higgses.

External collaborators: Simon de Visscher (Zurich university).

Publications in CP3
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A comprehensive approach to new physics simulations
Neil D. Christensen, Priscila de Aquino, Celine Degrande, Claude Duhr, Benjamin Fuks, Michel Herquet, Fabio Maltoni, Steffen Schumann
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Eur. Phys. J. C71 (2011) 1541
Refereed paper. 12th June.
Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal two-Higgs-doublet model
Simon de Visscher, Jean-Marc Gerard, Michel Herquet, Vincent Lemaitre, Fabio Maltoni
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JHEP08(2009)042.
Refereed paper. 3rd April.


MadGraph/MadEvent: A multipurpose event generator
Michel Herquet, Fabio Maltoni
[Full text] Published in Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl.179-180:211-217,2008
Contribution to proceedings. 31st December.
New Developments in MadGraph/MadEvent
J. Alwall, P. Artoisenet, S. de Visscher, C. Duhr, R. Frederix, M. Herquet, O. Mattelaer
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] SUSY08 Proceedings (plenary talk by Johan Alwall)
Contribution to proceedings. 15th September.
A Les Houches Interface for BSM Generators
J. Alwall, E. Boos, L. Dudko, M. Gigg, M. Herquet, A. Pukhov, P. Richardson
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Physics at TeV Colliders, Les Houches. FERMILAB-CONF-07-621-T
Contribution to proceedings. 22nd January.
Collider aspects of flavour physics at high Q
del Aguila, F. and others
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Report of Working Group 1 of the CERN Workshop Flavor in the Era of the LHC. Published in Eur.Phys.J.C57:183-308,2008.
Refereed paper. 14th January.


Madgraph/MadEvent v4: The new web generation
Johan Alwall, Pavel Demin, Simon de Visscher, Rikkert Frederix, Michel Herquet, Fabio Maltoni, Tilman Plehn, David Rainwater, Tim Stelzer
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JHEP 0709:028,2007
Refereed paper. 4th June.
A Twisted Custodial Symmetry in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model
J.-M. Gérard, M. Herquet
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 251802 (2007)
Refereed paper. 5th March.


Is Vtb=1?
J. Alwall, R. Frederix, J.-M.Gerard, A. Giammanco, M. Herquet, S. Kalinin, E. Kou, V. Lemaitre, F. Maltoni
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Eur.Phys.J.C.49 (2007) 791
Refereed paper. 29th June.


A new look at an old mass relation
Gerard, J. -M. and Goffinet, F. and Herquet, M.
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in Phys. Lett. B633( 2006) 563-566
Refereed paper. 21st October.

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