Simon de Visscher
Former member
Postdoc in CP3 from October 2015
Current position: Data Analytics Expert @ Gamaya (CH).
Dissertations, status,...
June 2004: Graduate diploma.
Dissertation: Analyse de topologies à un lepton dur lors de processus associés à un Higgs se désintégrant en deux bosons W
September 2005: DEA (master) diploma
Report:Identification et sélection des leptons produits lors de la production associée d'un boson de Higgs et d'une paire de quarks top-antitop dans l'expérience CMS
September 2005 - October 2009
PhD Thesis and as research assistant: work related to the modelling of collision in hadron-hadron colliders, on the BSM phenomenology particularly on 2HDM, and associated discovery potentials in general, in CMS in particular
October 2009 - September 2012
PostDoc at Universität Zürich ( work on CMS pixel commissioning and performance, B-physics, collision modeling,...
October 2012-September 2015
Fellow at CERN in the CMS group. Activities: Studies of SM V+HF process, Higgs search, b-tagging activities
September 2015-...
Chargé de Recherche F.N.R.S. Fields of activity: Standard Model, Higgs search, CMS tracker simulation, hadronic collision modeling,...
I am involved in the following research directions:

CMS Tracker commissioning and performance assessment

The CMS silicon strip tracker is the largest device of its type ever built. There are 24244 single-sided micro-strip sensors covering an active area of 198m2.
Physics performance of the detector are being constantly assessed and optimized as new data comes.
Members of UCL are playing a major role in the understanding of the silicon strip tracker and in the maintenance and development of the local reconstruction code.

External collaborators: CMS tracker collaboration.

Search for Higgs boson(s) in CMS at the LHC in the llbb topology

Search for Higgs boson(s) within the Standard Model and beyond and also withing a minimal extension of the scalar sector (2HDM).

The final state under study is a Z decaying into a lepton pair associated with two b-jets. This topology is sensitive to a light SM Higgs via the associate ZH production, as well as a middle mass range SM Higgs boson via the inclusive Higgs production followed by its decay into ZZ with one Z decaying into a lepton pair and the other into bbar.

It is also very sensitive to the production of a non standard heavy Higgs boson decaying into Z plus A (pseudo scalar Higgs boson).

Similar selection (but outside of the Z window) is also sensitive to H->aa->llbb, with "a" a generic light scalar.

External collaborators: CMS collaboration.

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Particle-flow reconstruction and global event description with the CMS detector
CMS collaboration
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Full text] Submitted to JINST.
Refereed paper. 21st August.


Search for A/H to Z(ll)+H/A(bb) with 2015 data
CMS collaboration
[Full text] Prepared for Moriond 2016
Public experimental note. 28th April.


Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal two-Higgs-doublet model
Simon de Visscher, Jean-Marc Gerard, Michel Herquet, Vincent Lemaitre, Fabio Maltoni
[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] Published in JHEP08(2009)042.
Refereed paper. 3rd April.


The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC
The CMS Collaboration
[Journal] [Full text] The CMS Collaboration, "The CMS experiment at the CERN LHC", 2008 JINST 3 S08004, 361pp doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/08/S08004.
Refereed paper. 10th December.
The CMS tracker operation and performance at the Magnet Test and Cosmic Challenge
S. Assouak, J.-L. Bonnet, G. Bruno, B. de Callatay, S. de Visscher, D. Favart, B. Florins, E. Forton5, A. Giammanco, G. Gregoire, S. Kalinin, D. Kcira, Th. Keutgen, V. Lemaitre, D. Michotte, O. Militaru, S. Ovyn, K. Piotrzkowski, X. Rouby, D. Teyssier, O. Van der Aa et al. (> 100 authors)
[Journal] [Full text] W. Adam et al., “The CMS tracker operation and performance at the Magnet Test and Cosmic Challenge”, 2008 JINST 3 P07006. doi: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/07/P07006.
G. Bruno co-editor

Refereed paper. 10th December.
Talks outside UCL
23rd September 05:BND Summer school: First look at ttH, H->WW associated productions in CMS
02nd December 05: CERN (Higgs Meeting): search for ttH->WW with two same sign leptons leptons
18th april 2007: Munich (DIS2007): Madgraph/MadEvent at work, from QCD to new physics
25th may 2007: Liege (PHD student day): Study of scalar sector with associated production of Higgs bosons and top quarks.
5th june 2007 : CERN (Top meeting): Production of ttbar + jets samples with MadGraph/MadEvent.
16th july 2007 : CERN (Top meeting): Lastest development of matching in MadGraph/MadEvent.
13th November 2007 : SUSY-GDR workshop: Extra-jet radiations in inclusive SUSY sample and SM backgrounds
February 08: Talks at LCG, Atlas MC meeting: Multi-jet process generation
March 08: CMS generator meeting: status of mas production for CMS

June 08: SUSY08 (Seoul - invited talk): radiation of extra-jet in inclusive SUSY processes
July 08: CERN: radiation of extra-jet in inclusive SUSY processes
December 08: CERN : MadGraph tutorial, running the code and gridpack preparation
March 09: Nikhef; QCD radiation in the production of heavy colored particles at the LHC (th. seminar)
March 10: CEA/Saclay: Unconventional phenomenology of a minimal 2HDM
June 10: IPRD 10 (Siena): Evaluation of the CMS pixel detector performances from the first LHC collisions
June 10: SPG10 (Basel): First results from the CMS experiment
June 11: Pheno11 (Madison): Recent heavy flavour results from the CMS experiment
April 12: LPCC CERN: V+HF studies in CMS
July 12: ICHEP 2012 (Melbourne): Heavy flavor quark production in association (or not) with vector bosons in CMS
November 12: LPCC (CERN): Recent V+HF results in ATLAS and CMS
January 14: HepMC WG (CERN): Future use of HepMC in CMS
October 14: ERC workshop (CERN): ME+PS merging in Madgraph5+Pythia8
Kruger 14 (South Africa): Review of Standard Model studies in CMS
March 15: Collider X-talk (CERN): Joint ATLAS and CMS seminar on V+jets
August 15: Lepton-Photon 2015 (Ljubljana): QCD measurements at high P_{T} (invited, plenary)
Teaching duties
UCL - 2005-2009
PHY 1113 (I):Mechanics (Ex + Labos) 1q
PHY 1113 (II): Hydrodynamics, Electricity, thermodynamics (Ex + Labo)
PHY 1210: Electromagnetism, waves machanics, modern physics (Ex) 2q
PHYS 2362: Data Processing in Physics 1
U.Zürich 2009-2012
Different laboratories for undergraduate students (optics, nuclear physics, electromagnetism,...)
Nuclear and particle physics exercises.
PhD supervision
Oct 2009-Aug 2010
Co-supervisor of PhD student (T.Rommerskirschen) at U. Zürich.
Context : study of multi-jet events for SUSY discovery.
June 2011-Dec 2012
Supervisor of PhD student (C.Favaro) at U.Zürich.
Context : Analysis of the associated production of dilepton final states and heavy-flavour quarks.

[UCLouvain] - [SST] [IRMP] - [SC]
Contact : Jérôme de Favereau
Job opportunities Postdoctoral Position on advanced analysis techniques applied to the CMS di-Higgs study
Post-doctoral positions in collider phenomenology and particle astrophysics
EOS be.h : 10 PhD positions