Plots/pictures browser with regex filter


This tool allow you to produce an html index of a directory containing pictures (png, [jJ][pP][gG], .gif still to be added ), producing an index that you can filter with case insensitive RegEx. The original idea was to make things easier when one of your script output hundreds of plots and you want to inspect them. Note that .txt files are also included to the indexing.
This filter is applied on the picture filename and subdirectory name if any.
You can use the following options: A click on a picture will fire a zoom, click again to unzoom.
The command line usage is:
Usage: [options] -d directory

  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -d REP, --dir=REP  Picture folder (ending with /)
  -r                 recursive mode
  -t                 add tags by splitting filenames on '_'
  -R README          use a directory description file
the README file is considered to be in the directory specified with -d, so there is no need to specify again the directory for it.
I personnaly added to my bashrc an alias to the python file (allowed to be executed) associated to the "createshowplots" command


It's a python tool using some bash commands. This require python with the following libraries: For the filter page to fully work, you'll need an internet connection (for your browser to load the jquery).

Working Demo

You can find a working DEMO here that was produced with the command:
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ createshowplots -R README -t -r -d picturestest/
The file "README" is located in the picturestest folder and contain the description of the folder.
The output in the terminal is
ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ createshowplots -R README -t -r -d picturestest/
	index.html created in picturestest/
	Including the following folder(s):
Notice the "Folder details" in the header to toggle the details.