Priscila de Aquino

Former member
Member from October 2008 to October 2013
May 2007 - M.Sc. in Physics
Universidade de Sao Paulo - USP
Title: "Beyond Standard Model Physics in theories with Extra Dimensions"
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Gustavo Burdman

Dec 2006 - Teaching degree in Physics
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP

Dec 2004 - B.Sc. in Physics
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP
Title: "Neutrinos Flavor Oscillation and the Solar Neutrinos"
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Moraes Guzzo
Research directions:
Phenomenology of elementary particles

Active projects
Céline Degrande, Fabio Maltoni

An automated framework for BSM phenomenology that allows one to compute Feynman rules from a Lagrangian.

External collaborators: Céline Degrande (CERN) Benjamin Fuks (Jussieu).

Non-active projects
Publications in IRMP
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Number of publications as IRMP member: 7
Last 5 publications


CP3-13-14: Unravelling tth via the matrix element method
Artoisenet, Pierre and de Aquino, Priscila and Maltoni, Fabio and Mattelaer, Olivier

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
refereed paper.
Refereed paper. April 13.


CP3-12-32: Light gravitino production in association with gluinos at the LHC
de Aquino, P. and Maltoni, F. and Mawatari, K. and Oexl, B.

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
Published in JHEP.
Refereed paper. July 3.


CP3-11-26: ALOHA: Automatic Libraries Of Helicity Amplitudes for Feynman diagram computations
Priscila de Aquino, William Link, Fabio Maltoni, Olivier Mattelaer, Tim Stelzer

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial]
To be submitted to Computer Physics Communications.
Refereed paper. August 3.


CP3-10-41: Simulating graviton production at hadron colliders
Priscila de Aquino, Kaoru Hagiwara, Qiang Li, Fabio Maltoni

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial] [Full text]
Published in JHEP, Volume 2011, Number 6, 132,
(DOI: 10.1007/JHEP06(2011)132)

Refereed paper. December 23.


CP3-09-45: Massless versus Kaluza-Klein Gravitons at the LHC
Xavier Calmet, Priscila de Aquino and Thomas G. Rizzo

[Abstract] [PDF] [Journal] [Dial] [Full text]
Published in Phys. Lett., B682, 2010, 446-449.
Refereed paper. October 8.

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