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CP3-10-26: Introducing the Dark Energy Universe Simulation Series (DEUSS)
Y. Rasera, J-M. Alimi, J. Courtin, F. Roy, P-S. Corasaniti, A. Füzfa and V. Boucher

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Invisible Universe International Conference, UNESCO-Paris, 2009. DEUS Consortium reference paper.
Contribution to proceedings. July 15.
CP3-10-04: Imprints of dark energy on cosmic structure formation: II) Non-Universality of the halo mass function
Jérôme Courtin, Yann Rasera, Jean-Michel Alimi, Pier-Stefano Corasaniti, Vincent Boucher, André Füzfa

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Published in MNRAS (410) 1911, 2011.
Refereed paper. January 20.


CP3-09-10: Imprints of Dark Energy on Cosmic Structure Formation I) Realistic Quintessence Models and the Non-Linear Matter Power Spectrum
Jean-Michel Alimi, André Füzfa, Vincent Boucher, Yann Rasera, Jérôme Courtin, Pier-Stefano Corasaniti

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Published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 401, 775-790 (2010).
Refereed paper. March 31.


CP3-08-75: An Awesome Hypothesis for Dark Energy : The Abnormally Weighting Energy
A. Füzfa, J.-M. Alimi

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Proceedings of the 11th Marcel Grossmann meeting on general relativity
Contribution to proceedings. December 31.
CP3-08-50: Is Dark Energy Abnormally Weighting?
J.-M. Alimi, A. Füzfa

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Published in International Journal of Modern Physics, D 16, 2587 (2008)
Refereed paper. October 3.

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